February Festival!


By now memories of Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations are fading, and where I live in the northern hemisphere, January is gloomy and dark. Thankfully by mid-February the days are getting longer, and waking up to a sky filled with gold and peach fringed clouds, and coming home in daylight instead of a gloom filled twilight always cheers me up. (Am I jealous of those of you who live in the southern hemisphere and are now enjoying summer sunshine? You bet!)

Yet February isn’t lacking in festivals to cheer us up. The most well-known in the English speaking countries are Pancake Day, (my favorite is lemon juice and maple syrup… yum!) Mardi Gras, (on my bucket list in New Orleans) and of course, Valentine’s Day.

However, I'd like to tell you about another festival taking place—and this one is for readers. From  today, February 13th, through to Sunday 19th, there's a fantastic opportunity to download a brilliant selection of free books from the 
Science Fiction and Fantasy Promotion, where a number of authors have joined together to share their work.

I know taste in books is personal, just like food, clothes, and everything else in life about which we make decisions, but you don’t have to be a fan of the genre to enjoy these books. For those of you who don't read either science fiction, fantasy, or any of the many sub-genres, I would ask you to, at least, look through the wide range of books on offer in this freebie promotion, and encourage you to give these authors a chance. A good story is about people and relationships, irrespective of the setting, and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised. Give it a go!

Click the link, choose your book, and enjoy!

Curling up with a good book in a cozy chair is one of life's pleasure, so be sure and let your friends know.

Stay well, keep reading, and best wishes.

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