Teagan Kearney/G.N. Kearney: Writer: September 2018

Madaxa's Heir is Live!

I'm super thrilled to let you know the final episode in The Saoirse Saga, Madaxa’s Heir, is now live! 
This is always a moment of shivering excitement and a certain degree of terror as all the hard work of the last few months, interrupted by moving house, finally comes to a conclusion as the book is published. 
I do feel sad when a story ends because something which has occupied my mind and my days for months has come to an end, and I shall miss these characters: but I’m also happy because sharing them with readers like you completes the process.

When the one you love betrays you, who can you trust?

Protected by a holy warrior and pursued by bounty hunters and the emperor’s assassins, Kia is hiding a secret the emperor can never find out—she is carrying his grandchild. After giving birth, Kia has to leave her daughter and resume her duties as a member of Prince Rial’s personal guard.

Discovering Rial has betrayed her shatters her trust in him, but when a rebel force attacks the emperor’s fleet, Kia must put aside her personal feelings and stand by Rial’s side as he aids his father.

During the battle, she seizes an opportunity to free herself, and the galaxy, from the emperor’s tyranny. Is this one throw of the dice a mad gamble that will result in her death, or can she—against all odds—achieve the ultimate success?
The final explosive episode in the fast-paced action-packed Saoirse Saga is on sale at 99c for one week only. On the 7th October the price will be 2.99, so pick up your copy today!
I’d like to give a special thanks to the awesome members of my ARC team—you guys rock!  Thank you for everything.
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Until next time, be kind to yourselves and to others, stay well and keep reading!
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