Dear Lovely Readers

Dear Lovely Readers

I hope you and yours are all well and surviving life on planet Earth. Currently I am not sending out any newsletters. However, I do hope to do so when I have news of upcoming releases. I have not stopped writing and at the moment have one novel almost completed and am incubating the next. As always, I'm changing genres: the current novel is a psychological thriller and the next is a black comedy. If you want to sign up to my newsletter, please do so. I would be very happy if you did, plus you'll be the first to know when something does happen.

Please check out the pages with information about my books and audiobooks (free and otherwise).  My books are available from all major digital outlets such as Amazon, Kobo, etcetera.  

So, my dear lovely readers, while I'm not doing much on social media these days, but I am thinking of you and writing more books for you. I hope you enjoy those I have published and, as the saying goes, I will be back!😉


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