Teagan Kearney/G.N. Kearney: Writer: October 2018

The Good, the Bad and the Freebies!

First, the good which is short and sweet! It’s great a feeling when the hard work you put it pays off, and Madaxa’s Heir has been the best release I have had so far. Yeah! 

Now, the bad which is not so short and not sweet at all. I have made a copyright infringement complaint to Amazon because someone has copied, pasted and uploaded a book I unpublished in January 2017. The book in question is an early version of Healer’s Magic (under its first incarnation as Tatya’s Return). Whoever it is has even used my name, but Amazon confirmed it’s not been uploaded from my KDP account, which means any sales won't be going into my bank account. I unpublished this book 2 years ago and re-released it as Healer’s Magic after paying a reputable editor a whole lot of hard-earned money. So please do not buy this book. Amazon is taking its time removing the book from sale, and I have asked them to block sales while the dispute is ongoing – but have had no confirmation they are doing so. As you can imagine, I have cursed this nasty cheat more than a few times, but, hopefully, Amazon's copyright department will sort this out sometime soon.
Thank goodness it's time for the Freebies! I have three series and have made the first in each series free.  So if you don’t already have Stars & Ashes, Hekate’s Chalice or Healer’s Magic, then pop over to your favorite digital retailer and download one or all of them for free! 
FREE at your favorite digital retailers!
I have also released the three series as box sets ($4.99 per box set), and if you fancy bingeing on your favorite, now you can. 
Only $4.99!
And, last but not least, if you’re looking for some new authors, check out this great science-fiction and fantasy giveaway… you never know what little gems you might find!

Until next time, be kind to yourselves and to others, stay well and keep reading,

Best wishes,


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