Teagan Kearney/G.N. Kearney: Writer: March 2017

The Path of Least Resistance

Scrolling through screen after screen looking for the next book can be time consuming. When we do make a decision it’s easy to be seduced by an enticing cover, a tantalizing book description, and rave 5 star reviews—only to find that our expectations aren’t met, and we experience that slow, or sometimes quick, descent into disappointment. Often we persevere past the point when we know we should stop reading but keep going in the hope that the original promise will be fulfilled. Sometimes, we do give up. We close the book, turn off our ereaders, and with a frustrated sigh start the hunt again.

I have always read and loved stories—whether as books, audiobooks or film—and to be writing my own novels is a dream come true. I received a prize for a poem I wrote when I was 10 years old, so I blame my teachers, the education system, and whoever decided I had won the competition for planting the idea that I could write in my head.

But having an idea, then planning, drafting (several times!), and editing before publication is only one half of the equation. The other half is finding readers because writers want to share their stories. As a writer, I can tell you when somebody enjoys one of the books I have written, it’s the most rewarding feeling. So finding readers is a serious quest for me.
Here’s what readers have written about Healer’s Magic, Book 1 in the Kala Trilogy.

"Great descriptions and depths of the primary people, a good back story, marvelous romance, and consistent supporting characters." Sierraflowr
"Deep emotion, complex story, a very good read!" TDBRLVR
"Loved it so much bought the next two in the trilogy straight away. Looking forward to starting them tonight." Mrs. L. Dagdeviron

I am grateful and honored by readers like those who posted the above reviews because this is what I strive for. Consequently I have made Healer's Magic, Book One in the Kala Trilogy FREE!

When considering offers like this you may think is this really for me? And studies show this is the most common response because doing nothing—the path of least resistance—is the easiest path

However, this is the path you have already been traveling, and the trouble with staying on that path is you’re most likely to get the same outcome you always get.

On the other hand, if you want to experience something new, something different, sometimes you have to make a new choice…

A powerful healer. A treacherous enemy. A deadly conflict.
Tatya's world slides into chaos when a demon consumed with the desire to control her power attacks those she loves. She refuses the local master vampire’s offer of aid, as he's just turned her best friend into one of the undead. She needs allies, but who can she trust in the battle to destroy this dangerous enemy? 

Click the link, download the book today, and enjoy a thrilling roller coaster read:

And whatever book you're reading, I sincerely hope you enjoy it.
Stay well, keep reading, and best wishes,


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