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Privacy Policy (cookies not included)

Information collected from this website:

Mailchimp collects your email address on my behalf from this website when you sign up for my free ebook on the Sign-up Page. Any email addresses collected by Mailchimp are kept on their website and I do not download or keep them on any of my personal devices either online or at home.

I also use Mailerlite for my newsletters. These addresses were transferred from Mailchimp to keep my costs down. 

I don't sell my books (or anything else) from my website so nothing to worry about there. 

I, personally, will never sell or use your email address for anything else other than sending you information about new releases, ARC copies and free promotions of my books or other science-fiction and fantasy books. This is because I value you far too much as a reader. 

Thank you.

Teagan/G.N. Kearney

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