Teagan Kearney/G.N. Kearney: Writer: April 2017

Happy Days!

Hi everyone,

I hope, whether you celebrate Easter or not, you're having a great long weekend. As for me, well, I've just had a week of intense, full-on striving to meet a deadline. The mixture of emotions after pressing the 'Publish Now' button
for Sorcerous Deeds, the second novella in the Adept Solutions Series, includes exhilaration, satisfaction, and, if I'm being honest,  a degree of relief.

JB’s private detective agency is successful, even if he can’t say the same for his love life, but when two elven princes turn up and demand he fulfil a blood bond by finding a missing princess, he has no choice but to take the case.

Heading up an alliance with others provoked by a vindictive sorcerer’s murderous deeds, JB tracks the princess to the blighted Wraithlands. The allies face exploding portals and monstrous shapeshifters, but can they rescue the kidnapped princess in time to prevent her death releasing havoc on an unsuspecting world?"

A big thank you to my editor, Sarah Watts, who offers invaluable feedback as well as reminding me I don’t need to cram everything into one sentence. To everyone else who helped with feedback on the story, the description, and the cover, you're the best!

If you read and enjoyed Hekate’s Chalice, Book One in the series, want to follow the latest  adventures and shenanigans of the gang at Adept Solutions, enjoy gripping mysteries interwoven with generous doses of magic and humor, then click the link below to enter this imaginatively creative world today!

PS If you're with the Amazon Prime program, you can download the book for free.

My next writing project is finishing up a book I started in 2014. I’ve been working on this science fiction/young adult novel intermittently ever since, mostly when I finished a stage (first draft, second draft etc.,) in whatever novel I was writing.

It has taken time, and it's an interesting exercise to see how my writing has changed, but at last, I’m on the final tweaking stage before sending the manuscript off to my editor. I’m hoping, fingers and toes crossed, the book will be ready for publishing by the end of May. My blog is called ‘writingmynovelnoworkingtitleyet’, and as far as this story goes, this is very true. It’s probably time to give my subconscious some strict instructions in this matter.

So, while I have a very serious debate with myself about whether or not to get that large tub of Baskin and Robbins to reward myself for achieving another step toward my dream of being a writer, I hope you have a brilliant week.

Stay well, keep reading, and best wishes,

No April Fool

When a friend asked me if I was interested in taking part in a cross-promotion on April Fool’s Day, I hesitated as all sorts of ridiculous ideas ran through my head. As someone who remembers many a bruise from the ‘pinch, punch, first day of the month’ tradition, I thought, April Fool’s Day? Really? Readers will think this is a practical joke and won’t take it seriously. They’ll wonder what kind of hoax is this? No way would anyone waste their time checking out books advertised on a day famous for trickery. Surely no reputable author would take part in such a prank on the public? Would they?
I hesitated until I saw the title of the promotion—A Fool for Love—and that made me think again because one thing is for sure, love can make fools of us all. In my early teens I used to read my mother’s Woman’s Weekly magazine for the romance stories. I loved those, especially the serials that ran over several weeks. Today, even though I write mostly genre fiction with fast-paced action and mystery, there is always a love story at the heart of my novels.
Relationships are at the center of all fiction books, irrespective of genre, and so April Fool's Day or not, A Fool for Love offers over thirty chances to find a new favorite character and immerse yourself in their heartaches and joys. This promotion gives you the opportunity to discover romance in Contemporary, Chicklit, Fantasy, Historical, Suspense, New Adult, Paranormal and Sci-fi genres.
As I said previously—and I’m positive you’ll hear me say it again—if you want something new, you have to try something different. And believe me, I promise there is no trickery involved in this 99c promotion.
Go ahead and click the A Fool for Love link and enjoy a wonderful romance:

Stay well, keep reading, and best wishes,

Courage Under Fire

As D-Day approached, I remembered a short story, Courage Under Fire , I'd written some time ago. Although my story takes place during WW...