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Not a lazy post but a tribute ...

I didn't post a blog last month, because I was on the last stretch on editing and tweaking my WIP, Book Two in the 'Samsara Trilogy', before sending it off my editor. I'm still hoping to make my self-imposed publishing deadline (end of October - paranormal, Halloween, etc.) and my brain was glued to this one task. Currently the cover and blurb are being readied, which makes me sad and excited. Sad because, even though there are bound to be some issues to address, I'll soon be leaving the characters and story which have occupied so much of my inner world this past year; and excited because the book will soon be published - which is a thrilling adrenaline-fuelled nerve-wracking exercise. Watch this space ...

So I want to use this post to thank the following bloggers. I have the utmost admiration for those writers who post on a regular basis, as well as continuing to work on their novels. These people write not just good, but consistently excellent blogs, and I urge you to at spare a few minutes of your day to check them out.

Carol is witty, makes a great job of being an L-Plate Gran, and has just released her latest Victorian crime (Sensation) novel, Death & Dominion.

Yolanda's intriguing poems reflect her thoughtful approach to life.

Vashti is a lively, friendly blogger, author of The Basement, and she hosts a haiku prompt on Fridays.

Squid is a generous, supportive, Irish writer who released Honeysuckle Lane, his debut novel this August.
A writer and performance artist who always has something interesting and insightful to say.

A blog chock-full of helpful advice for indie writers.

Writer and book critic, Anne successfully published her debut novel, Sugar and Snails, in July.

One of the most helpful people I've ever met, Christine blogs on a number of subjects, including the wildlife in her garden, and released the second book in her Reluctant Detective series Traces of Red this August.

Chris hosts one of the best websites offering support, information and resources for indie authors that I've come across.

Charli's lively blog is the centre of a literary community, and she hosts a weekly Flash Fiction challenge every Friday.

These are only a few on my list, and there are many more great blogs out there I've yet to discover. I know time is short for all of us (if only it would stretch when you're doing something pleasurable instead of shrinking), but popping in and out of these pages always lifts my mood. IMHO each and every one of them is worth your time and effort.

Check out my short stories and flash fiction on Wattpad (magic realism, sci-fi, crime, romance and women's fiction), just click on the images on the 'Short Stories' page. Or if you're interested in something longer, I've published two novels - and one is free if the genre is to your taste.

Join me on Twitter: @teagankearney

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To all story lovers out there, good reading, and to those of you who write, good writing.

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