I'm sure that you, like me, have read a number of articles on the pros and cons of indie vs traditional publishing, so I wrote this post in the hope of clarifying my thoughts on this topic. However, I discarded the long explanation I'd written about benefits and disadvantages of both sides, deciding instead to focus on two issues that interested me.


There is a certain amount of status that comes with acceptance by a traditional publisher, and this step is taken by writers as an affirmation that their writing is worthy. In exchange, for access to the production and marketing channels publishers have in place, writers surrender a certain amount of autonomy. The long list of writers rejected by the establishment who later attained success also shows publishers aren't infallible. 

Choosing to publish via the independent route can be viewed as a slightly inferior way of achieving publication chosen by those whose work has been, or would be, rejected by traditional publishers. This attitude is more prevalent in the UK than in the US, but is changing as more writers, known and unknown, take control of publishing their work. As an independent writer/publisher you’re an entrepreneur who takes responsibility for every decision - a liberating and terrifying experience.


This is something that isn’t guaranteed whichever route you take. Publishing houses drop authors who don’t sell. Books published independently won’t sell if their work isn’t up to standard, whether the flaws lie in plot, character, or editing. 

Complaints about the lack of professional standards in many independently published works are, sadly, often justified, but the world is full of things we think are no good, and negative rants are a waste of time and energy. As far as rubbish goes, why discriminate against books? I’m aware that foisting lousy novels on the public isn’t the best practice - after all, why add to the waste in the world - but like fast food, no-one can force you to buy.

If you write because you are inspired, and publishing independently fulfills a desire, that’s brilliant. If you are searching for readers to share your stories with, I wish you the best of luck. However, if you hope to produce the next blockbuster, the market will judge your work, and you might, at a certain point, have to follow another dream. Nonetheless, with the opportunities offered by independent publishing, at least you can say you gave it a shot!

Writing Update

On May 11th, the lovely Norah Colvin, who shares her love of education and life on her inspirational blog, ‘Live Love Laugh Learn . . . Create the possibilities’ nominated me for the Versatile Bloggers Award. 

Thank you, Norah, I’m honoured. I find these awards a generous way to highlight and share blogs with others.

The rules of the Versatile Blogger Award are:

Thank the person who gave you this award: Thank you, Norah – sending you lots of hugs!
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Okay, Norah, here goes!


I lose pens constantly. The ballpoint community conspires to deprive me of these useful, but elusive, writing tools.

The Wire is my favourite television series of all time.

Love the scent of Mysore Sandalwood soap

One of my goals is to have my blog done and dusted by Monday night, ready to upload first thing Tuesday morning - never yet achieved.

I can almost live without chocolate & coffee despite how painful the thoughts of such deprivation are. My addiction is to sugar.

I get stuck listening to certain albums – currently it’s Bastille’s Bad Blood.

I love mountain views: from the top looking down, or at the bottom looking up -either will do.


Nominees! Feel free to accept or decline – I’m sure many of you have been nominated by others before – I’m nominating you because I enjoy reading your blogs, and hope others will too!

Squid McFinnigan: squidmcfinnigan.blogspot.co.uk
Zee Southcombe: http://zeesouthcombe.com/
Michelle Stanley: http://writer-way.blogspot.co.uk/

Ellen  Mulholland: http://thisgirlclimbstrees.weebly.com

Vijay Nallawala: http://www.bipolarindia.com/


Thank you, Norah, this has been fun!                                               

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