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While doing my blogosphere/twitter homework I came across a blog (which I didn’t bookmark and despite trawling through my History still can’t find – note to self: be more organized) which pointed out that if you are blogging to interest people in your book then you have to write about the book. So yesterday, as I had a eureka moment, I thought, rather than writing about writing, I'd write about my writing.
My book started out as an exercise on a short writing course, which I developed and then submitted as the end of the course assignment. The grade was only pass or fail. I passed.

Over the next couple of years I worked on it sporadically while coping with family and work plus taking a couple more writing courses. Since finishing the last course I’ve worked steadily towards completing the book.

My novel starts and ends with Strand A which has eleven chapters – strand B has 10 – and yesterday I finished the second edit of strand A. Of course I'm nowhere near the end yet, but it is in sight.  After finishing the second edit of Strand B, there's another edit of both strands - with a check list - before I send my precious off to two beta readers. 

I hope to achieve this by the end of May. This date isn’t set in concrete but by putting this schedule, not just on a post-it for myself, but out here in public, it feels like I commit more seriously to achieving my target.

From here on, time-wise, I can’t be that specific as progress will depend on others, but is it too much to expect a beta reader to return a book in a month’s time? My beta readers - whom I trust and who both have an eagle eye for details  - are the first people who will read the book as I want to present it - with the strands interwoven - so I'll seriously consider what they say.

I should mention here, I no longer count the drafts - in fact I lost count some time ago. My philosophy now is to count how many more to write rather than how many I’ve done. 

         Next is the penultimate draft which I intend to send off to a professional editor (second note to self: get that penny jar filled quicker than I’ve been doing so far). After the professional editor finishes - I’d like to think this will be around late summer - I’ll start  the final draft. By the end of October/November, I will have to be confident that I’ve done my very best with this story because I’ll only have one chance when, and if, it lands on the desk of an agent or publisher.

            So yesterday after finishing chapter 21, I typed the words THE END. At that moment, even though there’s still a ways to go, I felt a real sense of achievement. I sat there looking at those words on the screen and thinking no matter what comes of all this writing, all these plans, here in this moment, I know this feels right. 

Today’s Haiku
sweet song from the past
takes me to places I’ve lost
down tunnels of Time.

Work continues with HAIKU GALORE  - I said I would have it up on Amazon by the end of April, which leaves me ten more days, including today, to finish. Procrastination decreases and I’m galvanized into action as that deadline approaches... 

Amy Glamos wrote an informative blog on villains, Thanks, Amy. 

Books need villains - characters can’t live with them and writers can’t live without them. Then I found this competition and thought some of you might be interested. It’s called Introducing Your Villain Competition. 
Here are the links:
Muffins and Metaphors   how do you like your villain and who’s your favourite?

For all book lovers out there, I wish you good reading, and for those of you who write, good writing.


  1. Thanks so much for the nod Teagan! I appreciate the comment and you taking the time to read. That villain competition sounds cool, I will definitely check it out. Not sure your link to my blog is working, but no big deal, I'll add one here. Thanks again, and good luck with your endeavors!

    Muffins and Metaphors

  2. My pleasure, Amy, as I figure we're all heading in the same direction. and thanks for fixing the link - I've still not mastered some aspects of my page.
    Best wishes


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