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I wanted to write for a long time and I finally sat down and did so. I've spent the last few years having an amazing journey while creating fictional worlds, and it would give me the greatest satisfaction if you, dear reader, entered these worlds and enjoyed them, too. Thank you.

 Healer's Magic
Kala Trilogy: Book One 
Tatya's world slides into chaos when a demon consumed with the desire to control her power attacks those she loves. She refuses the local master vampire’s offer of aid, as he's just turned her best friend into one of the undead. She needs allies, but who can she trust in the battle to destroy this dangerous enemy?
"An intoxicating work of creativity, passion, imagination and danger...stretches the boundaries for this type of fiction in new ways...fresh and original."

Vampire's Bane
Kala Trilogy: Book Two
Tatya is falling in love with the local master vampire and has a new business venture. But her plans go awry when someone starts killing young women who look like her. With the help of old friends, she forms an unlikely alliance with an alpha werewolf to expose the murderer. But when the killer is revealed, will this formidable challenge make or break her?
"The story continues to develop, sometimes in shocking and sad ways!! Loved how I was able to totally lose myself in this unique and imaginative world that is so much fun!"

Demon's Nemesis
Kala Trilogy: Book Three
Tatya has sent the demon who pursued her back to Hell. Now she’s about to open a healing center and use her gifts to help those in need. The only one she can’t help is the man she is in love with, the vampire master, Vanse, who lies in a coma. 
     When an ambitious vampire arrives in town with designs on Vanse’s family, Tatya’s plans are turned upside down. Her best friend, the local shaman, Forked Lightning, puts his life on the line to help, but chaos and tragedy follow when Tatya is kidnapped.
     Far from home, imprisoned, and alone, Tatya must escape and find her way back to those she loves.
"Will not disappoint! Kearney has woven an amazingly tantalizing tale full of vampires, demons and  werewolves that is different from any other."

Also available as a box set

Hekate's Chalice
Adept Solutions: Book One
JB runs a private detective agency, but if business doesn’t pick up soon, he’ll have to close the doors for good. When someone steals Hekate’s chalice, JB and his maverick team jump at the chance to track down the supernatural object. They’re resourceful and determined, but can they outsmart wizards, witches, and daemons before the client’s deadline expires?
"An engaging tale that does a good job of introducing the main characters and what skills they bring to the mix. Well paced, well written and entertaining, this book manages to fit in various relationship issues alongside the main story."

Sorcerous Deeds
Adept Solutions: Book Two
When a cruel sorcerer appears in Tropolis, murdering and kidnapping its citizens, how far is private investigator JB Lucerne prepared to go to rid his city of this evildoer? And will that be far enough?
     JB’s private detective agency is successful, even if he can’t say the same for his love life, but when two elven princes turn up and demand he fulfil a blood bond by finding a missing princess, he has no choice but to take the case.
     Heading up an alliance with others provoked by a vindictive sorcerer’s murderous deeds, JB tracks the princess to the blighted Wraithlands. The allies face exploding portals and monstrous shapeshifters, but can they rescue the kidnapped princess in time to prevent her death releasing havoc on an unsuspecting world?
"A terrific story of magic, murder and mayhem. Great dialogue with subtle humour which made me smile often.. the story has good pace and is an enjoyable read."

Ancestral Secrets
Adept Solutions: Book Three
Someone is blackmailing three of the most powerful citizens in Tropolis; the mayor, a master vampire and a ruthless crime boss, and all three have hired the private detective agency to find the perpetrator.
     Unfortunately JB's investigative team are not at full strength. Jason is in thrall to Zhanna, the faerie, Nikki's worried about her new husband cheating on her and JB's father is dying. He's also distracted by his new relationship with Gemma, the fourth member of the group. Added to the mix, two secret organizations, with conflicting agendas, have surfaced in the city. Can the team put their personal difficulties aside, track down the blackmailer and outwit their rivals before their clients' secrets are revealed?
"The characters were absolutely brilliant. The sugar drunk fairy, the lovesick twin, the cheated on imp and of course the relationship between our hero and heroine, which is going from strength to strength. A good mix of humour, magic with some slight romance."

Adept Solutions Series: Books 1-3
Available as a boxset

Song of the Fae
Roshène’s blood is powerful, but she’s trapped in a nightmare without memories where her every move is controlled by a demonic sorcerer. When a chance to escape appears, she seizes it and flees.
     Alone and with no one to turn to, Roshène accepts help from Hunter, a Fae guardian, and they undertake a hazardous journey to safety: the prize—the return of her memories. Along the way, she becomes increasingly dependent on and attracted to Hunter.
     In exchange for their protection and help, the Fae will demand payment. But the question haunting Roshène is, will Hunter turn out to be just another jailer or her savior?
"Action packed and fast paced, with a few twists I did not see coming, and that kept me glued to the pages."

Stars & Ashes
Saoirse Saga: Book One
When invading forces annex the planet, Emankora, Kia’s family is murdered, and she is sentenced to slavery in the asteroid mines. Surviving the harsh treacherous conditions takes grit and tenacity, but when the emperor’s son tours the facility, she inadvertently saves his life.
     As a reward, the Heir offers her the opportunity to enter the ranks of his personal elite guards, but with nineteen other ambitious candidates vying for the vacant positions, she faces intense competition. Driven by powerful emotions, Kia unfalteringly pursues her goal of assassinating the Heir and avenging her loved ones.
"A great series with a strong female lead. Loads of twists and turns in this book. Action and reflection in equal amounts."

Awakening Defiance
Saoirse Saga: Book Two
Kia has joined Lord Rial’s elite guard and is collecting secrets. Secrets that can get her killed. The pretense of being Rial's consort offers some protection, but neither of them trusts the other. When the chance for retribution on her father's betrayers comes, she takes it. But there is a price to pay.
"What an absolute cracking follow up to Stars and Ashes and although I suspected this would end part cliff hanger I’m not upset. A pretty much full story in itself it was pacy, exciting, humorous and thoroughly enjoyable. Roll on book three, can’t wait."

Madaxa's Heir
Saoirse Saga: Book Three
Protected by a holy warrior and pursued by bounty hunters and the emperor’s assassins, Kia is hiding a secret the emperor can never find out—she is carrying his grandchild.
"All in all, it was an excellent finish to the series. I enjoyed the books and hope to see more."

The Saoirse Saga is also available as a boxset

The Maruts of Hamarkhis want nothing to do with the uninvited guests who arrived from the stars. Neither race has any interest in learning about the other. When a young Marut rescues Kara, she has no choice but to travel with the tribe. As she faces the biggest challenge of her life, she finds courage she didn’t know she possessed and, determined to overcome the odds, what she learns changes everything.
"When is the next colony ship leaving for this place? I'm there. lol!"

 One Summer in Montmartre
Paris 1873: Despite being a devoted husband and father, the charismatic Impressionist artist, Luc Marteille, becomes obsessed with his young model, Hélène. Flattered by his attentions, she becomes torn between Luc and her fiancé, and faces a decision that could destroy the lives of everyone around them.
Paris, 2007: Grieving over the death of her son, and with her marriage in trouble, Anna’s life is falling apart. When a long-hidden love letter is discovered in the back of her favorite painting, she grabs the chance to escape to Paris. Intending to research Hélène, the mysterious recipient of the letter, she is thrown together with the arrogant François. Dependent on his help, Anna realizes the tension between them is attraction. Should she continue a lifetime of playing it safe or listen to her heart?
"I really enjoyed reading this book. I liked the juxtaposition of past and present, and the interesting little thoughts at the head of each chapter. The characters were quite real and the writer is able to draw the reader in and really make one care about them. I found myself wanting to keep reading, and at the end of the book I was left wanting to know more. Teagan Kearney is a promising writer and I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a warm, feel-good read."

Romantic Comedy:
The Serendipity Game

An entertaining, drama-packed modern fairy tale where Cinders works in an office, Prince Charming is married, the fairy godmother’s a criminal and the wicked stepmother has nothing on a manipulative Hollywood actress fighting a divorce. This is a love story that will have you rooting for the feisty Casey and praying for her HEA. 
"This is a new author for me and I'd like to thank her for brightening up my day with this book."

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