Writers sometimes speak directly to readers, generally using the term, ‘Dear Reader.’ Why? Well, because as a writer you are incomplete without a reader, and use of an endearment demonstrates warmth and gratitude. Think of it as an equation. Writer + reader = satisfaction (which can be interpreted as appreciation, or cultural/monetary success, and fame).

Writers without readers are pretty much like one hand clapping...a lot of movement and effort expended without much of a result. (I’m not disparaging diary writing in any way as a diarist's intent is generally different to that of a novelist.)

Although the desire to write comes first, without the reciprocation of readers to enjoy the work, the story may be still be valid, but remains incomplete. Writers need readers, who, like shy blushing maidens must be wooed with attentive devotion.


Thank you, Inger, for nominating me for the Lighthouse award. This is reciprocation – the essential component of the agreement between writer and reader – that a writer offers something of value, and the reader recognizes the merit of the offering.

As part of the award, I must nominate a number of people in turn. So as everything comes in threes, here are my nominations (drum roll, please):

Vashti Q Vega: one of the kindest, most supportive people I’ve met online. Always upbeat and generous in her exchanges with others, her blog is an example of variety where you can find everything from delicious cup cake recipes to horror stories.
Christine Campbell: a genuinely positive person, Christine is a writer whose attitude shines through her posts whether she’s fighting the plumbing or making video trailers for her books.
Zenobia (Zee) Southcombe: a cheerful kind individual whose friendship and supportive words encourage me and many others.

(Bows and smiles from candidates, accompanied by vigorous clapping.)

Receiving the award also requires sharing three ways you like to help others which meant I’ve had to think really hard ‘cos I’m as selfish as the rest...but here goes...
When an old lady tripped and fell right in front of me in the mall the other week, I was one of three women who helped her up and into the nearest shop. None of us knew the woman, but I think we all understood that this could have been our mother, our grandmother, or even one day - us. We stayed with her till the ambulance arrived, because we wanted the reassurance of knowing she would be taken care of properly.

I feed birds over the winter. One place I lived, I’d hide the feeder in the bushes so the smaller birds would have something to eat. One cheeky robin once sat on my wing mirror when I got into the car – as if to say – hey, where’s the food?

The unnecessary suffering children experience in parts of the world, whether from war, economic greed and exploitation, or lack of  basics like clean water has been known to make me cry. This may mean I’m only sentimental, but my favourite charity shop is Dr. Barnados, and I try to support such causes in whatever way I can. I’d like to see a youth club offering music, art, dance, sports and all sorts of opportunities (extra tuition where needed) to youngsters – on every block on every street. Dangling the carrot of material success as a formula for happiness in front of deprived people doesn’t work; and not properly investing in the creative development of children results in a loss to all of us.

(Whew! Stepping down from the pulpit now.)

Here are the Lighthouse Award rules in full:
     Display the Award Certificate on your blog.
     Write a post and link back to the blogger that nominated you.
     Share three ways that you like to help others.  
     Nominate as many bloggers as you like.
     Inform your nominees of their award nominations.
     Have fun!

And thank you, Inger, for – most important - reading my blog in the first place!

Today’s Haiku
you declare your love
your hands eyes language tell me -
you know how to lie

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